​​Church of South India - Diocese of Madras 

Upcoming Events

The Pastorate Committee in its meeting dated 28.6.2016 had resolved to conduct the Annual Meeting on 28.8.2016. Notice was given to the members of the Church under section 14 of the constitution 2007 of the St. Matthias’ Church for the conduct of the Annual Meeting on 28.8.2016 at 10.00 A.M. after the Morning 7.30 am. Service at the Multi-Purpose Hall.  As per the requirements of the constitution the audited Statements of the various accounts of the Church have to be presented during the meeting. The audit for the year 2015 -16 is still under progress due to the belated preparation of accounts. Hence the proposed annual general meeting is postponed. Any inconvenience caused to members is regretted.

Annual Meeting of the Congregation