​​Church of South India - Diocese of Madras 

Special Projects

Church Renovation
Ours is a 190 year old ancient Church classified as a heritage I building. Due to its age, maintenance of the building and furniture is cumbersome and costly. We have taken up the renovation work of the Church and the work is in progress. 


Mulli Village church comes under the Karunguzhi Pastorate in Chengalpet district. Our Church has decided to build a proper Church with all modern facilities there. The Church Building will be eco-friendly in nature. The project is estimated to be around Rs. 15,00,000/-. 


Preliminary enquiries have suggested that this is a fertile area for evangelisation and Church planting. Well wishers from our Church have already contributed Rs. 1,00,000/- for the purchase of a land. Few of the members along with the Pastor have visited the locality and have identified a site for Church building. It is on the Kalahasthi - Pichatur Highway. 

Regular Projects

PCMME - Poor Children Mid-day Meals Endowment
PCMME is an endowment created for providing a square meal for the poor children studying in our Higher Secondary school, without any differentiation of caste or creed . 

Pension fund    
The Church is offering financial aid to about 75 poor and old people as monthly pension payable. The funds are met from the contributions received from the parishioners.